Counselling for teens, adolescents and young adults

Some of the main reasons young people seek support include -

Why counselling?

Being a young person can be hard, you face a vast range of physical, emotional, and psychological developmental changes. Not to mention the school, social and family pressures. Some challenges may feel manageable to work through yourself or with the support of those in our lives. While others may feel bigger and you may feel unable to seek support from the people in your life. This is when an experienced counsellor could be helpful.

Counsellors aim to be a non-bias person who you can speak your truth to without having to worry about filtering, saying it right or about the other person's feelings or opinions of the situation you are discussing. Counselling aims to increase your understand and awareness of yourself and the situation, exploring your emotions and how you feel about things. Whilst also exploring and developing strategies and skills to get through the difficulties you are experiencing. Counsellors can help with a range of problems and draw from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and interventions.